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     Question Forum : Future of Secularism In Turkey   Date Posted:  24 -December - 2001




Can Islamic Party enlighten us on Necmettin Erbakan's agenda in Turkey.  
  • Who is heading the military in Turkey?  
  • Isn't Turkey a Muslim country? The soldiers in the army are Muslims? Do you think the idea of creating lots of Islamic madrassas in Turkey will pave the way for a generation of Muslims who might be recruited in the army that would not oppose an Islamic Party or government? Is this foreseeable in the future? 
  • How can a country get rid of it self of a military dictatorship?
  • What is Islamic Party of Britain doing in Turkey? 

The work of the Islamic Party of Britain is centred around issues in the UK, but we are in touch with Islamic movements elsewhere. 

Turkey is a key country, because it was the last seat of the Islamic caliphate. There are a number of Common Sense articles on our website (see below) discussing how this caliphate was brought to a fall by the Masonic-Judaic (crypto-Jews from Salonica known in Turkey as Donme) with the help of finance and politicians from the then leading powers of the West. When destroying the unity of Islam, partly by setting up Arabs against Turks with false promises, as did Lawrence of Arabia, they also wanted to eradicate Islam for good from this strong and persistent nation, and Ataturk's "reforms" went as far as making the use of the Arabic language illegal even in reading the Qur'an or calling the Adhan. This could not be sustained, whereas the prohibition on wearing Islamic dress and the change from the Arabic to the Latin script continued. It is therefore significant that an Islamic opposition made it into a position of power a number of times and could only be prevented by a military coup. In other words, it was not possible to get rid of Islam even after a century of brainwashing and fanatic secularism. 

During the short spells in government the various Islamic political expressions of Prof. Necmettin Erbakan and his supporters achieved a number of irreversible successes, like for example, the intervention in Cyprus preventing the whole of the island to be ursurped by Greece. There are nationalistic elements in the Turkish military who do not support the European and American agenda and are critical of their government's close cooperation with Israel, but the army jealously guards its corridors of power against anybody with only the slightest Muslim leanings. However, no army can ultimately resist its own population, and the Islamic politicians integrity in recent years compared to the complete economic failure and mismanagement of the secularists has shifted Turkish public opinion considerably from the days when Islamic politics were only viewed with suspicion. When Turkey will return fully to being an Islamic, rather than a secular country is only a matter of time, and Turkey is today already a living proof that Islam can not - in the long run - be defeated.

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