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     Islamic Party of Britain condemns Turkey's closure of Fazilat Party - 25/June/2001



In an attempt to stifle political debate and progress, the Turkish courts have closed the Turkish Fazilat Party, just as they had closed previous Turkish parties with an Islamic leaning or whose agenda they did not approve. They previously banned the former prime minister, Prof. Necmettin Erbakan, from further getting involved in the politics of his country.

The political decision by the constitutional court indicates that Turkey is a long way from abandoning a despotic rule by a political elite backed by the army, and that Turkish democracy is merely a farce. Those who want Turkey to be part of the European Community should insist on political freedom of expression within Turkey first.

Since the overthrow of the caliphate by the Young Turk Movement, backed by Western imperialist powers and money, Turkey has been a most fanatical secularist regime with a mission to destroy religious, and in particular Islamic, expression. However, the Turkish people are moving increasingly back to the values of Islam, and the Islamic Party of Britain congratulates them on their patience and persistence.

Islamic Party of Britain

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Turkey bans Islamic party. (published Friday, 22 June, 2001 BBC News)

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