As the 20th Century draws to a close and we are approaching a new millennium, there is a great deal of apocalyptic hype: ordinary people are grasped by anxiety, whereas scientists, politicians, economist, religious leaders and the media are busy in anticipating and predicting the future. The repertoire ranges from the doom-and-gloom scenario to euphoria for the brave new world about to begin.

This booklet is not intended to add to the hype and speculation. It is an honest attempt to take stock of the development of human civilisation based on observations carefully compared to the wealth of Islamic source texts. To begin with, it is not our millenium which is coming to an end. Muslims are, as we write, in the year 1420 of their time reckoning, and the year 2000 of the Christian era is no magical number for them. Yet, for us Muslims who live in the West, it is a welcome opportunity to have somebody hold up the mirror and present a view of our society from a somewhat different angle, as all too often it is  difficult to see the wood for all the trees. 

Original Booklet By:
Sahib Mustaqim Bleher
Published and Distributed by:
U.K.I.M Dawah Centre
401 Alum Rock Road
B8 3DT
UK (Tel: 0121 326 9963)
First Print - June 1999

Please Note: Images are not part of the original publication. Adapted for the Internet (March 2001) by Imran Ahmed.

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