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Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modern

A Surfeit of Blasphemy including the Rushdie Report
From Edifice Complex to Occult Theocracy

compiled by David Musa Pidcock
paperback, 224 pages, 5 b+w illustr., ISBN 1-871012-03-1

publisher: Mustaqim Islamic Art and Literature
distributor: Drake International Services

This brilliantly written and humorously presented book should prove game set and match for Salman Rushdie and his Satanic Verses. Sentenced but never tried, he now for the first time faces an intellectual challenge from which there is no hiding place. The detailed and painstaking investigation exposes Rushdie's secret intentions and his subversive hidden agenda along with the psychiatric evidence that strongly indicates that Satanic Verses is primarily a chronicle of schizophrenia.

However, the scope of Satanic Voices does not stop here. It also exposes the paymasters and supporters of Salman Rushdie as the big finance promoters of the New World Order: Satanic Purses and Satanic Presses. It reveals the historic and modern conspiracies of Freemasonry and Zionism, exposes freemasonry as a Satanic ritual with Nimrod and the tower of Babel - not Solomon and the temple of Jerusalem - at its centre, and presents the defence of the Qur'an against the allegations of the secular fundamentalist establishment which will no longer be able to hide behind its double standards.


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