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Religious Affairs Policy

Religion is one of the main motivating forces in life. Rather than ridiculed it ought to be taken seriously. Secularism and materialism cannot lay claim to be the only acceptable ideology for public life, forcing religious activity to hide behind the closed walls of prayer halls or homes. Many people do not admit their belief due to overwhelming pressures from within society.

According to the Qur'an, there shall be no compulsion in religion, and Islam advocates the freedom of religious practice so long as it does not cause any damage to individuals or society. Religion and charity go hand in hand, and Islam encourages charity both of the individual and of groups. The scope for voluntary contributions is to be enlarged. Many people would want to be involved in charitable deeds and services to the community if they were given the chance.

Religious differences between various beliefs and sects will always remain as there is little hope for them to be ultimately resolved. Whilst the debate between different religions is to be encouraged for the sake of seeking the truth, religions have to he protected from being exposed to vicious attacks and insults. Emphasising on the common ground between various religions it should be possible to maintain good relations between people of different religions without forcing them to give up on their differences. Nobody can be forced to believe anything, but we can expect everybody to respect what other people hold sacred. This relates to the style of controversy, and does not mean that we concede to the relativistic folly of multiculturalism which tries to ignore that truth by its very nature is absolute and exclusive. Whilst accepting that different people may have different perceptions of the truth, the truth as such remains undivided, and Muslims will for all times maintain that they have in the Qur'an and the life example of the prophet Muhammad - peace he upon him - the best, most complete, and final guidance for mankind which alone can provide the ultimate answers in the search for peace, harmony, success and salvation.

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