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Malaysia and the IMF

Below is the text of an address from Islamic Party Leader David Musa Pidcock   published in Common Sense issue 30

On 18 March 2000 the Spectator carried an article by its contributing editor Justin Marozzi under the headline "East Beats West" on "how Mahathir Mohamad rescued his country and made fools of the IMF" quoting him as saying: "I did it my way and it worked". The article showed how the Malaysian prime minister withstood the onslaught on the Asian economies and exposed the IMF as an extended arm of Western policy. Whilst we do not agree with the way the Malaysian government has treated its domestic opposition without the necessary regard for their dignity and the required differentiation between subversive elements and genuine critics, he must be recommended for standing up to a formidable enemy. The Spectator article prompted the following response from Islamic Party Leader David Musa Pidcock:

In response to your article "East Beats West", The Spectator 18/3/2000, how Mahathir Mohamad bucked the market, rescued his country and made fools of the IMF. It might be of interest for you to know that there was some western input into Dr. Mahathir's eastern thinking. The unsung western heroes include James Gibb-Stuart author of the Money Bomb and Hidden Menace; Kenneth C. Palmerton Vice Chairman of CCMJ the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and an English convert Rupert Mohammed Rafiq an English banker, and other members of the Forum For Stable Currencies, which meets in the House of Lords every month. By following their good advice and the courage of his own convictions Dr. Mahathir has been able to demonstrate what many politicians know but, because of their cowardice in the face of the enemy, have failed to implement in the interest of the ones who voted for them - Brian Gould was one of the few who understood the solution and would have acted rightly - which is why he was prevented from becoming Leader or Chancellor of the Labour Party. What we have with Tony Blair and Incapability Brown are just Tories in sheep's clothing.

Dr. Mahathir's courageous actions conclusively prove that sovereign nations, however small, can and should always ignore the IMF, The World Bank, and anyone else who tries to impose such destructive monetary and economic restrictions on their countries, particularly when the medicine is rarely applied to the organisations making these harsh rules which claim that: there can be no gain without pain. An extract from an official report into the United Nations Monetary & Financial Conference at Bretton Woods is timeless. It was referred to in a speech to the House of Commons by Norman Smith, the member of parliament for Nottingham South, on Monday, the 20th of August, 1945, and accurately predicted that the IMF and the World Bank - which came out of Bretton Woods - "would POISON world harmony" which it undoubtedly has and yet they are still calling for more of the same.

Your "East Beats West" confirms what we have been advocating for many years together with many others going back as far back as the early 17th century. It was much of this information which we managed to convey in a series of letters, faxes and direct face to face contacts with Dr. Mahathir's advisors and his personal private secretaries leading up to my presenting him with a pack of info personally on the last day of the Langkawi Airshow in 1997. The material included - The Debt Virus; Abraham Lincoln's Monetary Declaration of 1864; David Riccardo's 1823 plan for the National Bank of England; James Gibb-Stuart's recommendations; and, amongst other things the final draft of Napoleon et'l Islam; which we published in Malaysia in 1999.

Dr. Mahathir has shown great courage in taking these steps knowing the fate that befell Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon when they, in turn, tried to buck their own particular markets. Lincoln's Greenback was an interest free alternative to the banker's monopoly money for which he was asked to pay 36% interest. By 1809, Napoleon had succeeded in abolishing usury in France with the co-operation of the Sanhedrin and was also calling for a Common European Currency to facilitate fair trade - a situation the City of London and the Bank of England still vehemently oppose - the Battle of Waterloo decided Europe's fate in favour of the fractional reserve system which has a natural propensity to self destruct and bring about war.

As for conspiracy theories, I think the conspiracy facts are much more interesting. Many were surprised by Al Gore's overt public support for Anwar Ibrahim. However, it is clear that his support was orchestrated by the IMF and Wall Street. What most of the Malaysians don't know is the fact that Anwar Ibrahim is a close friend and ally of Michael Camdessus, the Chairman of the IMF with whom he was co-authoring a book. Unfortunately for Anwar he forgot the maxim: If you sup with the devil you need an awfully long spoon. It is worth noting that Al Gore's daughter, who is also his main advisor, is married to Wall Street Banker, Paul Schiff. The Schiff's have a long track record of destabilizing and taking over governments. It was Jacob Schiff, who invited Trotsky to Wall Street in 1917 to put the finishing touches to the Bolshevik Revolution, which he also financed: so keep a keen eye on Gore, his daughter, and his son-in-law Paul Schiff - remember old habits die hard.

More good news, this time from Pakistan. Last week we met with Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani, a Member of the Shariat Appellate Bench Supreme Court of Pakistan who, amongst other things, is Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Fiqh Academy (OIC) Jeddah, who informed us that they have issued their final judgement which is now binding on the government to islamise the economy by June 2001. By the end of March, this year, all private transactions involving riba/interest will be outlawed. K.C. Palmerton and I went to Karachi last April and delivered similar materials to those provided to Dr. Mahathir. An American video "The Money Masters A History of Capital Crimes" apparently proved decisive in their judgement, which now runs to some 1100 pages.

Dr. Mahathir "did it his way", which is also the way for all others to go. Perhaps a more suitable song title for Dr. Mahathir to have chosen would have been: "I Got By With A Little Help From My Friends."   

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