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     Question Forum : Single - Sex Schools Date Posted: 30 - June - 2001




Does Islam promote single - sex schools? If so, what are the advantages to be gained by segregated education, please provide examples of success.

The demand for single sex education at secondary school level does not only come from Muslim parents. A comparison of league tables shows that pupils (particularly girls) at single sex schools do generally better in exams than their peers in co-educational schools.

This is probably due to the fact that boys and girls mature at different times of their development, and girls are not held back by boys in single-sex schools nor distracted by the relationship problems common in co-educational schools amongst adolescent pupils. Islam, which does not permit sexual relationships outside marriage, does not approve the free mixing of the sexes after the age of puberty so as to reduce the risk of temptation. Most Muslim parents would prefer single-sex schools for their teenaged children, but other measures recommended by the teachings of Islam include modesty in dress and behaviour.

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