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     Question Forum : Allocating Resources  Date Posted:  03 - September - 2001




I would like to know from an Islamic point of view how scarce resources could be allocated. For example if there is only one kidney and two or more patients?

There are a number of principles in Islam by which we are guided to reach a decision, but any such decision will still remain a difficult one and our reward lies in having tried our best to take all aspects into account. One of the principles employed in Islam is that of Maslaha, which asks the question which of several options - which are in themselves not fully satisfactory - provides the greatest benefit or poses the least harm. In a medical scenario like the one mentioned this could be the likely success of the operation, the chance of survival of the patient, the social situation of the patient (a mother or father with dependent children might be given priority over, let's say, an ageing patient without dependents, etc.). A great deal depends on invididual circumstances, and it is not possible to give detailed advice without knowing these. As the Islamic Party of Britain is a political party campaigning for the introduction of policies guided by the truth and wisdom of Islam, this forum is intended to help clarify issues related to policy, and is not a place for issuing fatawah on particular dilemmas.

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