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     Question Forum : Is The Qur'an A Miracle?    Date Posted:  26 - August - 2001




Muslims often claim that the Qur'an is a miracle. How can a book that was compiled 1400 years ago be a miracle, and if it is such a miracle why isn't this more widely recognised in academic circles?

Ask anybody to write a commentary on current affairs over the next 23 years, including legislative proposals and predictions for the future which are to stand the test of time and scientific examination, then rearrange that text in a completely different order, expect it to still make perfect sense, have cohesion and lack contradiction, expect it to be a dominant influence on the lifes of nations for the next one and a half millenia so much that hundreds of thousands of people will still learn it by heart at that time - you're asking for nothing short than a miracle. 

Your best writers using state of the art technology and computer aided modelling will not be heard of in the year 3500, even if they set out to achieve such a project, yet the Qur'an has done just that, being produced one and a half millenia ago, when writing was still in its infancy. The Qur'an's encouragement of exploration and research gave birth to modern science as we know it, but many courageous scholars were still burnt at the stake by the medieval church authorities before contact with Muslim Spain sparked off the age of enlightenment. It contains accurate descriptions of planetary orbits (in Europe we still believed in the flat earth less than a thousand years ago), it describes the embryonic stages of human development in the womb (a thousand years ahead of European books on anatomy), it states the preservation of the body of the pharaoh (whose mummy was only discovered about a century ago and buried long before and far away from the time and place of the Qur'an's revelation), it affords property and voting rights to women (which European women only achieved fairly recently) and forbid their exploitation (which Western women are still subjected to); what is more, it has an inimitable style in its original Arabic form which made it the standard of grammar and syntax for Arabic and made Arabic the first standardised language of the world. 

So why isn't all this more readily recognised in academic circles? The great scholars of the West have not failed to recognise the greatness of the Qur'an. Goethe and Kant, the shapers of European philosophy, admired it and sung its praises, Napoleon used it as a blue print to formulate his civil code, George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells pointed to its historic significance, orientalists of distinction have recognised its greatness. We can't blame academia. The people who dismiss this miracle out of hand are the ones who are arrogant enough to judge it without even reading it.

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