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     Question Forum :  Boycotting Israeli Goods    Date Posted:  24 - May  -  2003




Where I live our pockets and our choice of shops are both limited. Safeways appeared on a list of enterprises that support "The Entity", and therefore to be boycotted. However they have organic vegetables and fruit, some of which do not come from the Entity, or from exploited areas of Africa. I would like to buy some of these. I know that M & S actually send profits to the Entity. Does Safeways do this? Or are they merely selling some Israeli fruit and veg, as does our local co-op? What do you think about Muslims shopping for organic fruit and veg in Safeways?

Safeway does, as do other companies, sell goods and produce "made in Israel", but we have no knowledge that the company itself actively finances Zionist expansion. For more details on boycotting Israeli goods see http://www.aqsa.org.uk/flyers/boycott.html

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