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     Question Forum :  Interpreting Current Events Date Posted:  28 - February  -  2003




I would be grateful if you would try to clarify a few points concerning the current world situation especially in the Middle East from a religious perspective. First are we witnessing the signs towards the final hour or will the Muslims unite against the the non-believers to bring a Khalifah. For instance some argue that the Non-Believers lead by the Americans will attempt to destroy Islam by introducing capitalism/secularism into Muslim Nations (i.e. what happened to Turkey). However some argue that because Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world, once the Muslims find political strength i.e. over throwing tyrannical governments, this may lead to a greater unity and perhaps a Khalifah.

To try and interpret the almost cosmic events foretold in the Qur'an and Hadith in the light of short-lived contemporary events is inappropriate and risky. Whilst we know that the forces of disbelief will unite and that this will in turn, through confrontation, lead to the uniting of the believers, we cannot put a precise date on these events nor identify a particular temporary power with any group mentioned in the traditions. Nor are these traditions intended to create some kind of resignation, rather they serve to warn the believers that their faith is going to be tested and therefore to remain steadfast.

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