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     Question Forum :  Supporting The Party Date Posted:  23 - February  -  2003




How can I join your party or make a donation. Also does your party field candidates in any elections?

For a donation send a cheque made payable to "Islamic Party" to the party's address at PO Box 844, Oldbrook, Milton Keynes MK6 2YT. As for direct involvement, this depends largely on where you live. In some places there may already by others to cooperate with. In other places, you would have to begin by finding like-minded people to start forming a local group. We did contest elections in the past, not so much to gain representation, but rather in order to initiate debate, but found that the majority of Muslims and Muslim organisations were closely tied to the Labour Party. The Labour Party would not have the strong position it currently holds without Muslim support, and Muslims are at least partly responsible for the arrogance with which the Labour government now dismisses public opinion as irrelevant. This is likely to change in the May council elections, and anyone feeling that it might be feasible to put up a challenge in their area should get in touch. Considering that almost one tenth of London inhabitants are Muslim, the potential in the capital alone is great, but realising this potential depends on the initiative and organising talent of local people.

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