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     Question Forum :  Superpower  Date Posted:  22 - February  -  2003




Is the United States or America, or England mentioned in any Islamic texts under a different name? What do Islamic  prophecies say about these countries? Also, shouldn't the name "Superpower" be used only for God? Thank you for your assistance.

Whilst many of the events preceding the day of judgment are mentioned (in fairly general terms) in the Qur'an and Hadith, including references to a final confrontation between believers and disbelievers, there is no specific mention of any of the countries or persons playing a part in these events. As for the term superpower, it does certainly contain an element of arrogance which would not be displayed by sincere believers. Allah, the Powerful, is the ultimate and only final power, and He ensures that people keep each other in check, He does not aid the oppressor, and He never lets any group gain absolute domination. There have been many great civilisations and powers in history, but none was permitted to exceed certain limitations, and none escaped its decline after reaching its peak.

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