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     Question Forum :  Stand Against Terrorism  Date Posted:  09 - February  -  2003




Why don't you stand up against sick Islamic terrorism instead of promoting it - only then would you be a true Muslim. Suicide is against Islam and people must stand up against the murderous Arab regimes that promote such views, they must stop such evil flood of hate from entering Europe and the West and leave the Jews alone. But no - these Nazified Muslims who ruin Islam for true Muslims have marginalized and bullied the rest of the Muslim people so they are unable to stand up. Why are these people so evil and what can we do to stop them, or are you of that evil sick headed belief too - therefore against the Koran.

Many "questions" we receive on this forum are disguised - or often blatant - hate mail. Some, however, like this one, show the effect of brainwashing and the widespread ignorance regretfully still rampant in our midst. There are about twice as many Arab countries as there are countries in the European Union, yet they are all tainted with the same brush. The Arab countries only make up about one third of all the Muslim countries in the world, and their various political systems and governance vary as widely as can possibly be imagined. More annoying, the questioner implies to be qualified to judge for Muslims whether their faith is true or not and whether they are in agreement with or against the Qur'an which presumably he has never read. Would we dare to decide for them whether IRA or Unionist supporters follow a more correct version of Christianity? 

Is not the hatred emanating from Europe and the West at the moment, rather than Europe and the West being flooded by hatred? Why don't we leave the Jews alone - what a strange question, as if they were the ones being targeted and needing protection at the moment. Latest census figures show that there are almost 3% of Muslims amongst the British population, and 8.5% in London, yet they are hardly represented anywhere in the decision making process and the hierarchies of power, whereas with less than 0.5% of Jews we find them not only in parliament, but in leading positions in government, like our foreign secretary, and likewise in America where the Jewish lobby is amongst the most hard-line supporters for the war against Iraq. Iraq is being chastised for breaking UN resolutions for over a decade, Israel has broken them unpunished for many decades; Iraq is said to have remnants of weapons of mass destruction and might possibly try to acquire a nuclear capability, Israel is being financed to amass more weapons of mass destruction and has a known nuclear arsenal. A war against Iraq is being justified because their missiles are found to exceed their 150 km reach limit by a few kilometers, whereas North Korea is being courted, because their missiles have a reach of 2000 km and they are working on extending their reach further. North Korea is a rogue state because it withdrew from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, Israel has refused to ever sign such a treaty. Iraq is said to have gassed its own people (although CIA reports suggest that it was Iranian gas which killed them, but in any case it was US supplied gas), Israel has used poison gas in Gaza and the West Bank. 

The USA have been using depleted Uranium, a most horrible weapon of mass destruction, in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan, and the environmental consequences will haunt us for the next few million years. The Churches have spoken out against this coming war of madness, and the Christian foreign secretary of Iraq, Tariq Aziz, is being received by the Pope. By what values, religious or otherwise, can you justify the sanction regime against Iraq which, as admitted by our own foreign secretary again recently, kills hundreds of thousands of people, or the use of devilish weapons like depleted uranium in a war, which results in the most unspeakable birth defects to children born after their parents have been exposed to traces of the poison. How nice to lecture suffering people whilst sitting cosily in front of your computer after another dose of armchair television propaganda. After the last gulf war thousands of soldiers came back with gulf war syndrome. This time the British and US governments have sent thousands of body bags as their war intends regime change and control of the region including its oil fields, which cannot be achieved by remote control bombardment alone. Will it take the return of masses of dead soldiers before people like this questioner realise that their own cynical government is sacrificing them needlessly in a mad pursuit of global control of resources? Wake up and smell the coffee...

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