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     Question Forum :  Proving Existence of God   Date Posted:  10 - January  -  2003




Can you tell me some reasons which will be enough for a non-believer to at least think that there is a God. I just want some evidence that God exists.

Belief in God is a matter of faith not of scientific proof, but having said that, even science is only built on probability and has not absolute proof of anything. There is no proof that, just because everybody before us died, we shall also die, but it is reasonable to assume so based on probability. The best proof for the existence of God is to engage in the study of the created world and both its simplicity and complexity. If anybody came to tell you that a perfect, intelligent, multifunctional, self- repairing robot somehow developed all by itself from a pile of rubbish left in his garage you would send the claimant to a lunatic asylum, yet it is claimed as scientific to claim that human beings evolved out of basic building blocks completely by chance. Mathematically the chance of this happening over even the time span of millions of years is nil. The physical world has a tendency to decay and chaos, whereas order must be positively willed and created.

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