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     Question Forum :  Ottoman Khilafahs      Date Posted:  20 - August - 2001




Are Khilafahs divinely inspired? If yes then how come the last few Ottoman Khilafahs committed large scale massacres against the Armenians? . 

Regarding any indiscriminate massacre Islam forbids it. However, the genie was let out of that particular bottle with the massacre of Imam Hussein, by Yezid, the UNrightly guided Khalif, who, with some noteworthy exceptions, has been followed by a succession of similarly misguided Khalifs down the years - as predicted by the Prophet Muhammad (saw). 

There is no concept of infallability in Islam. However, after the coup against Abdul Hamid II, in July 1908, the entire administration of Turkey, came under the control of a Jewish Khalifate and it is still under its control to this day. The Zionists boast about creating two countries Israel and so-called Modern Turkey. With the publication of "I Am A Salonikan', by Orlu Ilgas, in 2000, and other disclosures, irrefutable proof now exists showing that both of Kamal Attaturk's parents were Jewish. His mother a prostitute from Salonika and his father - whose photographic likeness is identical to that of his son - was a travelling salesman. The Armenian Holocaust of 1915, cannot be laid at the doors of Islam, but rightly at the doors of the Kneset. Furthermore, it has been suggested that this was the Zionists dry run to gage world opinion before sacrificing 6,000,000? of their own in order establish the Jewish State.

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