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     Question Forum :  1971 Bengali Massacre by Pakistan Date Posted:  10 - January  -  2003




Did you know that Pakistan killed 1.5 million Bangladeshi people in 1971 (in 267 days)? I saw this in a forum. I know that thousands of Muslims were killed in Bangladesh. But please help me in finding out the truth. I want to know the exact FACTS which caused that, please help me. And also please can you give me some links or some information about the Muslims who may have been killed/tortured in Netherlands, or any other human rights violations there. Can you please point out some websites which may help me?

The events you refer to are an example of power politics not justifiable by Islam and not excusable by the standards of Islamic morality. The partition of India was part of the British divide and rule policy when the colonial era came to an end, and the ongoing conflict in Kashmir is another direct consequence of this. The by then already key superpower in the world, the United States of America, was in tacit agreement with this British policy (see link below). Small, less viable states competing with each other stand less in the way of outside interests and thus afford the outside power a better chance of enhancing its sphere of influence. After the second world war this policy has been followed throughout the world, leading to countless regional conflicts across the globe paving the way for continuing Western hegemony after direct rule became untenable. 

We are not aware of any reported killings or tortures of Muslims in the Netherlands (assuming that this question refers to modern day Holland and not to its role in its former colonies which, for example, created the ongoing problem in East Timor), and can only guess that the question might refer to the failure of Dutch UN peace keepers to protect Bosnian Muslims in Srebenica in 1995 who were afterwards slaughtered in their thousands by the Serbs.

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'US okayed Pakistani repression in Bangladesh in 1971' (rediff.com, December 19, 2002, Dharam Shourie in New York)

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