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     Question Forum :  Continuing conflict in Sudan Date Posted:  24 - September -  2002




What are your views on the continuing conflict in Sudan. Would you endorse a proposal to split the country in two, Muslim North and Christian/Animist South. Also is there any evidence to prove that the SPLA, a terrorist organisation by any standards is being supported and funded by the US?

One of the interesting aspects rarely mentioned in this conflict is the oil connection: the line of conflict coincides precisely with where large oil reservoirs are positioned, which are hardly exploited by Sudan and coveted by American oil companies. Recent refinery deals have weighted the benefits heavily in favour of the oil giants. There is also no secret that the Southern rebel army under Garang would not have survived as long without outside support. Splitting countries, stirring up conflict and leaving them ungovernable is part of the colonial legacy: Free countries, independent from outside military protection, would utilise their own resources rather than inviting foreign exploitation.

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