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     Question Forum :  Halal Foods  Date Posted:  25 -May  -  2002




My question is why don't the party put pressure on food chains in the UK to make all their foods Halal and suitable for Muslim consumers (like what happened in South Africa). Halal food in every food outlet would make it easy for Muslims who wish to eat from some big food chains like KFC, McDonalds and so on. Also halal food wouldn't harm any none Muslim; in fact it's more healthy for them, please consider my request and try making clear this point to whom it may concern.

Not everyone would agree with halal meat, for example animal rights campaigners, who object to the Islamic way of slaughter, even though on the basis of a faulty logic. It would be wrong for a minority to impose its preferences on everybody else. What we must campaign for is adequate provision for Muslims in public places, i.e. schools, hospitals, prisons etc. As for commercial outlets, pressure is best applied by consumers - supermarkets, restaurants etc. will stock halal food items if there is a demand for it. It also requires the availability of quality halal food at reasonable prices, and unfortunately many halal meat outlets have been shown to sell lesser quality meat (sometimes not even halal) at inflated prices. In areas with sizeable Muslims populations halal outlets naturally develop, and mainstream food and catering chains will have to follow suit so as not to loose customers.

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