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     Question Forum :  Hatemail     Date Posted:  05 -May  -  2002




Britain is traditionally white, therefore what are you Asians doing in this glorious country. You stink and wear stupid clothes so go back to Pakistan or were ever you came from.

It looks like you are confusing race and religion. I am replying to you as a white Muslim, and going back (where to?) doesn't seem much of an option. Pakistan would probably only give me a tourist visa, and if I left for good and all the other Muslims living in Britain would do the same, I think the good people of Britain would be worse off, because there won't be enough tax money any more, they would end up sick, because all the foreign junior doctors will have left the emergency departments where they work unsocial hours their indigenous colleagues refuse to work, and so on and so forth. In other words, smart as you might think you are by hiding your insult for a whole community behind a fake identity, if you think it right the way through, you will be the loser if you want to set up one community against the other.

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