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     Question Forum :  Population of Palestine     Date Posted:  15 - April  -  2002




What is the population of Palestine?

The Turkish census of 1878 listed 462,465 Turkish subjects in the Jerusalem, Nablus and Acre districts: 403,795 Muslims (including Druze), 43,659 Christians and 15,011 Jews. In addition, there were at least 10,000 Jews with foreign citizenship (recent immigrants to the country), and several thousand Muslim Arab nomads (Bedouin) who were not counted as Ottoman subjects. After the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the immigration restrictions were relaxed, and by 1912 there were about 40,000 Jews and 525,000 Arabs in Palestine. During the British Mandate, Jewish immigration rose steadily, the figures for 1942 list 995,292 Muslims (61% of the population), 484,408 Jews (30%), 127,184 Christians (8%), and 13,121 Others (1%). Now there are about 6.3 million people in Israel (excluding the occupied territories), of whom 5.15 million (82%) are Jews, and 1.15 million (18%) Arabs (Muslims and Christians). The population is still rising by about 2.5% every year through immigration (right of return). In addition 2.9 million Palestinians live in the Occupied territories (about two third in the West Bank and the other third in the Gaza strip).

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