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     Question Forum :  British Muslims     Date Posted:  25 - March  -  2002




How in Heaven's name could foreigners like yourselves ever had the affront to start a political party based on the religious fantasies of the Quran and call it British? It is bad enough that the British have to suffer Judeo-Christian indoctrination. At least the Bible only has talking donkeys, which are at least warm blooded animals, and not talking insects like your holy book. Surely, Sirs, you jest ..... 

The mindless insults of this "question" would not normally deserve posting on our website but for the weird assumption that to be a Muslim, you have to be a foreigner. Besides the fact that everybody is a foreigner almost everywhere but close to home, Islam is the faith of choice for countless British born Anglo-Saxons (like the leader of the Islamic Party, for example, who is an Englishman from Sheffield) as well as second and third generation immigrants from British Commonwealth countries. Given the chequered history of immigration in Britain (from the Vikings, the French, the Germans, the Romans etc. all the way to East European Jews, Asians, and Africans), it is rather difficult to define what makes an "indigenous" person, as almost all of them, including the Royal family, have foreign ancestry. 

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