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     Question Forum :  Babri Mosque Controversy     Date Posted:  01 - March  -  2002




Communal violence between Muslims and Hindus has once again ripped through the heart of Gujrat. The root cause of the problem seems to be the Babri Mosque controversy. According to Prem Vora: 

"The VHP's position is obviously highly contentious. This issue of Babri Masjid / Ram-Janam-Bhoomi has indeed aroused the passions of a large section of the Hindu and Muslim population. The dispute has exacerbated communal tensions leading to countless riots throughout northern India, including such tragedies as the Bhagalpur massacre late last October. Yet, a cursory glance at the evidence would show that the VHP's Ram- Janam-Bhoomi campaign is based on nothing but false propaganda. The VHP refers only to records compiled by the British in the 19th century. Yet, this "evidence" is only a myth created by the colonial authorities. They propounded and popularized the belief that an anti-Hindu Babar demolished the Ram temple. This myth was created to divide the Hindus and Muslims. The British have not collected any historical evidence to justify their claim. In fact, the Archaeological Survey of India has concluded that a "temple to mark his (Rama's) birthplace was not built on the site of Babri Masjid." There are over a dozen temples in Ayodhya that are claimed to be the true birth site of Rama." ( Prem Vora, Historical Facts v VHPs claim, click here for source).

The facts are startling to say the least. Since you are a British based organisation, why isn't the British government doing more to help re-solve this issue. Maybe an apology or just a clarification of the facts would help calm the situation, something needs to be done, this mischevious controversy has already claimed 1000's of lives and if it isn't solved soon the death toll will surpass the WTC.

It is true that history is written by the victors and usually with a purpose in mind. However, conflicts which focus on particular places or events usually have more deep-rooted causes, and if the particular issue by which they are ignited was not there, another one would surely be found. The issue at stake seems that India claims to be a secular democracy, but its government and social structures show a clear religious bias. The British government, having its own bias is unlikely to speak out in favour of protecting or indeed empowering the large Muslim minority population in India. Following its own foreign policy interests as well as echoing the American foreign policy agenda, the British government sees in India as much of an ally against a Muslim resurgence as in Israel. The issue is even more pronounced in the conflict over Kashmir. See also our letter to Jack Straw, MP. 

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