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     Question Forum : State of Muslims   Date Posted:  24 -December - 2001




Afghanistan has been hit hard. Estimates are that 3670 innocent Afghanis have been killed (guardian.co.uk) not including the injured who died later and also not including the people who died of hunger running away to save themselves from errant US bombs. This happened during the month of Ramadan and Muslim countries did nothing to stop this. 

I can see that they have been desensitized to the extent that they do not care about their brethrens in other countries. Others who do care become "fanatics" or "extremists". My questions to Islamic Party are: 

  • What do we do? If a Muslim country is attacked aren't we all suppose to declare Jihad against the aggressor? 
  • Do you think it is o.k. for Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia not to openly declare Jihad against Israeli aggression.
  • Why do the Jihad/National liberation in Palestine overshadow the legitimate Jihad's in Kashmir and Chechnya? 
  • Please also enlighten me on what is happening in Algeria. 

Most of the questions raised here are answered within the various articles on this website (see below). There are detailed discussions on the issues of Algeria, Bosnia, Palestine, etc. Palestine holds a special place for Muslims due to Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, the place of ascension of the holy Prophet Muhammad - peace be with him - mentioned in the Qur'an. Palestine is also significant because it is the centre stage of the Zionist agenda as well as of fundamentalist Christian apocalyptic views of Armageddon, both of which make it a key location for the power struggle on a world stage. 

The fact that most Muslim countries are powerless in the face of aggression at the moment or kept subjugated by corrupted governments does not mean that nobody cares, but rash radicalisation of the Muslim people is a problem because in the long run it prevents us from working on sound alternatives with which to fill the power vacuum after the inevitable collapse of the remaining single super power. The ammunition of Muslims in the West, in particular, is not that of the sword but of the word, to counter the official propaganda by disseminating sound information by which to empower individuals, Muslims and non-Muslims, to make valid judgments of current affairs and develop solutions to present day problems. This task should never be underestimated, because in the collapse of an injust regime, its moral credibility disappears before its physical might, as their own compatriots do no longer know what they are fighting for.

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Further Reading 

The innocent dead in a coward's war by Seumas Milne (The Guardian, 20th December, 2002, London)

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