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     Question Forum : Offer At Camp David   Date Posted:  07 -December - 2001




Some commentators are saying that Arafat and the Palestinians had a chance to reach a peace agreement at Camp David last year which they rejected. What was the precise details of the agreement and do you feel that Arafat should have accepted the offer?

Palestinians have frequently been compelled by American brokerage to sign agreements which were anything but favourable to them, only to find that Israel still did not keep to its undertakings. The settlement policy, for example, continues unabated. A Palestinian Bantustan is no solution to redress the injustices of Israeli occupation and apartheid policies. And what all the negotiations conveniently forget is that for Muslims the future of Jerusalem is more important than some so-called Palestinian state whether with or without sovereignty. Muslims will not be prepared to give up claims on Jerusalem, even if Arafat will. 

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