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     Question Forum : Demonizing The Taliban   Date Posted:  15 -November - 2001




Is the Taliban as bad as the West makes them out to be? Or are they deliberately being demonized to justify the military action against them and the Afghan people?

The Taliban have a particularly narrow interpretation of Islam, largely influenced by the Wahhabist support they received from Arab supporters of the Afghan resistance to Soviet occupation. It must be said in their favour, however, that they established law and order in the country, a stability and protection for ordinary people which has now been lost with the Northern Alliance who do not share the same scruples when transgressing against civilians. There is also the question to what extent the Taliban movement which came about from within an originally American supported setup, has been subverted by American intelligence and is playing an antagonistic role assigned to them. As far as the morality of the West is concerned, it is rather selective; the same "outrages" quoted to justify the bombing of Afghanistan are actively promoted and supported elsewhere in the world where it suits Western interests.

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