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     Question Forum : Americas Strategic Aims   Date Posted:  15 -November - 2001




Regarding the current crisis in Afghanistan, we continuously hear the phrase "This is a war against terrorism and not Islam". What are your views?

The war against Afghanistan is essentially about strategic geopolitical aims and resources. America needs to secure access to oil supplies everywhere in the world, and the more these resources become depleted, the more there is a need to control them. Even in the second World War German generals admitted that there expansion into Russia had all to do with eventually getting to the oil reservoirs near the Caspian Sea. On the other hand, to justify the military expenditure (almost half of all tax dollars are spent on the military), the American administration must present this as ideologically justified, rather than just a grab for power and resources, as people are unwilling to support the war machine unless they are frightened of an impending threat. This is where Islam comes in and replaces the previous Communist threat. As a religious ideology, Islam does also not lend itself too easily to manipulation and, therefore, is an obstacle to those wanting global control

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