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     Question Forum : Americas Adventure   Date Posted:  07 -November - 2001




It is clear that America's adventure in Afghanistan is not only due to Taliban in general and Osama-bin-Laden in particular but there is some hidden agenda behind and they have certain sure strategic aims in the region. What in your humble opinion is this agenda and strategic aim? 

Neither Russia nor America want Afghanistan for its mountains. Afghanistan is both of geopolitical importance in the region to exert control over the former Soviet republics, and keep Iran and China in check, as well as intended to serve as a tranduit for oil and gas supplies from the Caspian sea region. The war will also ensure that America has a greater leverage of control over Pakistan's military (including nuclear) capability. Given the contacts between the Taliban and the CIA and Bin Laden and the CIA in the past, it is also not unthinkable that there is an intention to build up a Muslim hero under American patronage, who in his pronouncements is clearly anti-American, but allows them to preempt a Muslim resurgence and take charge of the Muslim response.

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