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     Question Forum : Afghan Conflict   Date Posted:  31 -October - 2001




Who do you think is going to win this war and what can Muslims do to counter the damage done to Islam and Muslims?  

Following media statements and interviews on ARV digital TV we have received numerous questions on the current war and the background to it. Those questions are answered elsewhere on this site, for example, within the pages of Common Sense. However, some correspondents wanted to know who we think is going to win this war and what Muslims could do to counter the damage done to Islam and Muslims. In reply to these concerns we would briefly like to refer to the many Hadith on the events before the Hour as well as the promise in the Qur'an that "the party of the believers will gain the upper hand". Victory has been promised by Allah for the believers as long as they adhere to the requirements of their faith. A key issue is therefore the need to work towards a greater unity of Muslims on an individual, organisational and governmental level. In practical terms it is also important that alongside military attacks a propaganda war is being fought for the minds of people and it is essential that we do our best to expose the war aims of the United States government for what they are and highlight the moral bankruptcy of their foreign policy. We must resist the division of Muslims into moderate and fundamentalist as well as the demonisastion of Islam. In the West, we must work with all peace- loving and morally concerned people of other faiths and of no faith so as to isolate the power-hungry motives of the American and British aggressors rather than allow them to isolate Islam and Muslims.

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