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     Question Forum : Racist Political Parties In Britain    Date Posted:  16 -October - 2001




Just out of interest, how do you feel about the British National Party? Please note that I do not support them, I am merely interested.

The British National Party has recently changed its tactics and shamefully exploited a loophole in the law - namely that racism is outlawed in Britain, but incitement to religious hatred is not. By focusing on Muslims as the targets of their hate messages and hypocritically supporting Sikhs and Hindus to appear non-racist, the party is cashing in on the same die-hard crusade-complex that President Bush in America and the tabloid papers in Britain use to justify their onslaught on Islam and Muslims. In this respect the British National Party is at least more honest than the rest, in that they denounce all of Islam and all Muslims as the enemy, whereas the other parties, sharing their overall sentiments, try to placate the Muslims in their own midst out of fear of mounting opposition to their policies. In truth, they are two sides of the same coin, bringing to play the old principles of stick and carrot and divide and rule.

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