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     Question Forum : Racism in Britain    Date Posted:  12 -October - 2001




How can you feel you have any place in this country? You don't. You are not British citizens nor will you ever be, no matter how many generations of you live here. You are completely naive if you think that the state of multi-culturism in this country will continue. You do not belong here. If we came to your country (and I mean your real country not ours) then we would have to respect your beliefs and dress and speak accordingly. Yet should we ask you to do the same here you throw your hands up and shout racism, is this democracy? I don't think so. You refuse to even try to be a part of this country and have formed ghettos in which the true citizens of this country are made to feel completely un-welcome. 

It is disgraceful, you do not care about this country, all you want to do is take over. You do not even have the common decency to speak to us in our language. Please do not think me the minority, you cannot hide behind racism laws forever. We will get you out of this country and restore it to its glory, a glory of which you will have no part. Be warned.

Although preposterous, this anonymously posted question deserves an answer because it is so typical of common prejudice and misconceptions about Muslims in Britain. Why don't you go back to where you came from? What? Sheffield? Our party leader's case is a prime example of how flawed this line of argument is: He is an English convert born in Sheffield with a long line of local antecedents. His family did do business in India during the British Rule, but now he is back where they came from. Sure, the majority of Muslims born in Britain have immigrant parents or grandparents, but why did they come to Britain? Because the British went and took their countries away from them. The Commonwealth didn't come about by nations writing to Queen Victoria with a polite request to be allowed in. 

The folly remark that if "we came to your country we would respect your beliefs and dress and speak accordingly" betrays a lack of historical knowledge. The British did come to Muslims countries, did not respect their beliefs, forced them to change their dress and the rest of their culture and made English their official language. And by making themselves rulers of parts of the Muslim world, they invited their subjects to come to England, only now to turn round that they have outstayed their welcome. Well, until Western nations realise that they have also outstayed their welcome when plundering the resources of the rest of the world, they will obviously not understand why they are not flavour of the month abroad. It would be a good idea for ignorant people like the questioner to organise a holiday week when all Muslims, or even better, all non-indigenous people, stayed off work at the same time. Britain would come to a standstill.

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