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     Question Forum : War Propaganda    Date Posted:  10 -October - 2001




I am most perturbed by the hysterical media propaganda. I would particularly like to draw your attention to the series of articles being printed in The Times. The leader also appears to reflect an anti-Muslim stance. What can ordinary Muslims who are truly dismayed by this do. How many letters can one write to point out the erroneous views as presented by the gung-ho media ?

The media have been trying to create a mass hysteria in favour of war but reassuringly have not managed. Even their own letters pages did not agree with their editorials. It is important to remember that journalists are not paid to inform but rather to shape and create public opinion. There is no such thing as an independent press. Opinions contrary to official policy are usually censored or given low prominence. The BBC, for example, apologised after its post 11 September question time programme that this was broadcasted live rather than pre-recorded so that the anti-American sentiment amongst the audience could be edited out. Nontheless, it is not futile to write to the papers or telephone phone-in programmes, even if one is not given a platform, simply to register with the programme makers that they are out of touch with large sectors of public opinion. At the same time we need to work on developing and strengthening our own channels of communication. The internet has changed the game of propaganda, even though there are attempts at tighter control, in that information which would never before have been voiced is now readily available for those who want to find out.

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