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     Question Forum : Future of Islam in Britain  Date Posted:  10 - September - 2001




It is now becoming widely accepted that Christianity will vanquish as a religion in the UK over the next 15-20 years. My question has 3 parts. 

1) What does Islam have to offer that Christianity has failed to provide? 
2) What is the future of Islam in Britain? 
3) How can we the British people achieve maximum benefit from Islamic teachings?

We would not like to make any predictions as to the future of Christianity, but there are many reasons why Islam is becoming more attractive to people in Britain, Europe, or America. As there are more practising Muslims in these parts of the world now, there is more reliable first-hand information which presents a different image of Islam from the orientalist or media distortions of the past. The number one advantage of Islam over Christianity is its straightforwardness. Islam does not require anybody to gain access to their creator via an intermediary, be it a priest or the church authority. Secondly, Islam is the eternal religion chosen by God/Allah, and does not need to change with the fashion of the time. By trying to accommodate all kinds of changing trends, the church has lost credibility, as it is no longer leading from the front, by providing guidance, but running after the unprincipled preferences and desires of its existing and potential followers. 

There are lessons to be learned for Islam and Muslims. We must not try and adapt the message just to please and attract people, but study the guidance and apply it to our lifes. We must not allow a hierarchy to develop which gets in the way of individuals' direct relationship with their creator. And most of all, we must lead by example, and address the problems of the societies around us, because deeds speak louder than words. 

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