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I converted to Islam two years ago on my own will. I was a Christian orthodox. I read in different Islamic books that Jesus the Christ has mentioned that there will be a prophet/messenger after him and that his name would be Ahmad or Mohammed and he will be the last messenger of Allah and all Christians and other believers should follow him and his religion i.e. Islam. Please advise and guide me where I can find this phrase or paragraph in any Bible. If available at your library, then please e-mail me this phrase/paragraph with details. Further, please provide me with all the evidence you can supply me with regarding Islam being the one and only religion to follow after Christianity/Judaism. Can you also kindly provide me with the names of Surah's and Ayat numbers for the scientific miracles of the Holy Quran describing the process of embryology,  the development of earth, etc.

The gospel verses about the coming of Muhammad - peace be with him - are Matthew 22:41-46. For more detail and other prophecies see "The Bible's witness - Biblical quotations point to the truth of the Qur'an"

For the scientific miracles of the Qur'an see the Quranic Studies web site. These statements have been checked and verified by many leading Western Scientists and Professors. Click here to access their testimonies.

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