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     Press Statement: Finsbury Park Mosque Raid        25 - January  -  2003



The Islamic Party of Britain deplores attempts to link Muslims and Muslim organisations with terrorism. The anti-terrorism legislation brought in after September 11, 2001 permits the arrest of foreigners under suspicion alone and these detainees are then held in custody indefinitely without being charged or being given a fair trial at which to defend themselves. Thus the police can make allegations without having to prove them. We are concerned that such laws, more suitable to dictatorships than democracies, erode the due process of law and are open to abuse for political aims. It seems to become apparent that the government is trying hard to create fear in the public's mind in order to counter the lack of support for the American Imperialist war against Iraq. Muslims in Britain are being scapegoated in this context, and the result might well be the creation of a religious divide and the radicalisation of a disenfranchised Muslim youth. This "Bosnification" of Britain carries the potential to undo years of constructive work in trying to build bridges between different communities. 
Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher
General Secretary
Islamic Party of Britain

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