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     Press Statement: Police arrests son of Islamic leader for calling officer racist 23 - August  -  2004



Milton Keynes police (Thames Valley) have arrested Abdu-l-Muqtadir Mustaqim, a 19-year-old law student, the son of Islamic Party general secretary Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, for calling a police officer racist, after he had his car stopped for allegedly being out of tax (tax up-to- date), having illegal tyres (tyres legal), having a stolen radio in the car (radio was marked to belong to the car), possessing an illegal knife (legal pocket knife), so he got somewhat annoyed, especially after one of the officers said to him "we are going to beat you right down" - he then called this officer racist and was promptly arrested for being abusive to a police officer. His car was left in a bus stop layby without being secured and by-standers had to tell the police to at least take the keys. He is still held in custody. Dr Bleher says police are increasingly criminalising law-abiding Asian youth.  
Islamic Party of Britain

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