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     Press Statement: Islamic Party urges vote for peace    06 - June  -  2004



The Islamic Party of Britain, whilst not considering it viable to put up its own electoral challenge during the upcoming local and European elections, is urging all its members and supporters to go for tactical voting at the ballot box. "Muslims and those who want to see better community relations should send a clear message to the 'war parties' that they do not act in the name of the people", said Dr Sahib Bleher, general secretary of the Islamic Party of Britain. Rather than endorsing a specific party, he advised to operate a blacklist of those who have promoted the war or damage inter-faith relations at home, namely Labour, Tories, Liberals (who were just as swift in endorsing the war once action had started), The UK Independence Party (who placed Kilroy Silk as their candidate after he was sacked from the BBC for anti-Arab remarks), and, of course, the BNP. "By registering a protest vote instead of abstaining from the elections, we can make a noticeable difference", he remarked. 
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