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     10 Years of Islamic Party of Britain - Retrospectivley Speaking


Below is the text of an article by Islamic Party Leader David Musa Pidcock in Common Sense issue 28 (Spring/Summer 1999) on the topic of 10 years Islamic Party of Britain.

Retrospectively Speaking

Since forming the Islamic Party of Britain, in 1989, a lot of water has passed under the proverbial bridge. Ostensibly set up to counter 'secular fundamentalism' and present an balanced, appropriate response to Salman Rushdie (the blasphemy industry's new Voltaire) and its demonic publication 'Satanic Verses', it has managed to place on the political and public agenda (in this country and abroad) the idea that 'consultative' Islam could provide a viable alternative - in every conceivable respect - to the machinations and systems of false belief including:

  • (a) Western Democracy, 

  • (b) Marxist-Socialism, and 

  • (c) all the other deviant concepts necessary for the continued success and hegemony of economic and monetary imperialism.

With the fall of Constantinople in July 1908, to "70,000 sons of Isaac", a whole sequence of ominous events and Islamic prophecies were set in motion, which Muslims have consistently failed or refused to recognise as signs of Dajjal or the Anti-Christ. For, generally speaking, Muslims no longer believe literally in the Qur'an or study the authentic Hadith of RasuluLah. Some even believe and follow the prophecies of the 16th century Cabbalist, Master Magician and Astrologer, Michel de Nostredame or Nostradamus a descendent of the Hebrew tribe of Issachar who predicted the end of the world on July the 5th 1999. And this, in spite of the fact that the Qur'an and legitimate prophecies spell out, in no uncertain terms that, the end of the world will not occur until after the second coming of Christ Jesus the Son of Mary. 

"And Jesus will be a sign of the Hour of Judgement: Therefore have no doubt About the Hour but follow Me: this is the Straight Way. Let not the Evil One hinder you: for he is to you an enemy avowed." Surah (XLiii) 43, Gold Adornments: verses 60-61.

As we approach the new millennium, witnessing in the process the astonishing developments in animal and human embryology where the cloning of animals is a matter of fact and the cloning of human beings only a matter of time, if the time is not yet ripe for the Hadith which RasuluLah, peace and blessing be upon him, warned us would come when men, at the instigation of the jinn, would bring our ancestors back to life – as in Jurassic Park - or people exactly resembling our parents or grand parents then which hadith apply to our particular time, when such events are not only possible but, according to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessing be upon him, are an absolute inevitability?

Living in a century, in which man has split the atom, exceeded the speed of sound on land and in the air, in which with the aid of "sultan" the "impelling force" or "impulsion" he has flown to and landed successfully on the moon and is now exploring deep space with radio telescopy, having shown the oceans to be only "ankle deep." If we are not living in the time of Dajjal the Anti-Christ then we must ask once again "which authentic Hadith apply to our particular period in the timetable of events leading up to the Day of Judgement?"

In a decade in which we see men and women - particularly in China - abandoning their infant girls to die on the street. In which Human Blood has no value. A decade in which the women are now beginning more and more to dominate. In which men commit adultery with men and women with women. In which it is increasingly difficult to distinguish men from women and women from men – for example the Israeli transsexual winner of the 1998/9 Eurovision song contest. A time in which groups of singing women are on the increase with strange musical instruments. In which friends treat each other badly; in which a son abandons his parents. A decade in which Religion has no helpers and one in which riba, inter-est, that is to say usury dominates. In which rain does little good and falls out of season, accompanied with high winds, earthquakes followed by metamorphosis - which is now taking place in many different places on the planet and affecting airborne, land and aquatic life due in part to hormonal imbalances caused by plasticisers and other chemical substances. And in which 350 different toxins are to be found in human breast-milk. AIDS and other man made viruses being now "ethnic specific" adds yet further confirmation that the present New World Order constitutes as great a threat to humanity as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – In fact it would appear that the sponsors of the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements belong to that same equestrian foursome.

Following close on the heals of the Rushdie debacle came the on-going Gulf War which, in 1991, saw the commencement of the systematic, premeditated, depopulation of Iraq and its neighbouring states in line with NSSM 200 (National Security Study Memorandum 200) drawn up in 1974 by Henry Kissinger, George Bush and General Brent Scowcroft. NSSM 200 viewed (as does the present U.S. Administration) population growth as the greatest threat to American security both at home and abroad. Which considers the utilization of raw materials such as oil, gas, chrome, etc, by the local populations in countries or regions where such deposits are to be found as dangerous because these are viewed as "ours" by the American Empire which continues the policies of "strategic denial" started by the British Empire and forms the basis of the ongoing "special relationship."

To those still naive enough to believe the idea that genocide and ethnic cleansing could not possibly form part of the political agenda for oil and other commodities by "great democracies such as the United States or Great Britain" they must really think again. One only needs to ask how many Presidents of the United States have been ethnic American Indians to realise that exclusion, genocide and ethnic cleansing are an integral part of the Anglo-American Democratic process.

In Noam Chomsky's 'A stand on low moral ground', one of his periodical, incisive articles in the Guardian, dated January 10th 1991, he points out: 

"Declassified US documents reiterate that "the UK asserts that its financial stability would be seriously threatened if the petroleum from Kuwait and the Persian Gulf area were not available to the UK on reasonable terms, if the UK were deprived of the large investments made by that area in the UK and if sterling were deprived of the support provided by Persian Gulf oil." 

These British Needs, and the fact that "An assured source of oil is essential to the continued economic viability of Western Europe," provide some reason for the US "to support, or if necessary assist, the British in using force to retain control of Kuwait and the Persian Gulf."

In November 1985, the National Security Council recommended that the US 

"Be prepared to use force but only as a last resort, either alone or in support of the United Kingdom," 

if these interests are threatened. Capital flow from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the other Gulf principalities to the US and Britain has provided a significant support for their economies corporations, and financial institutions. These are among the reasons why the US and Britain have often not been averse to increases in oil prices…It comes as no great surprise that the two states that established the imperial settlement and have been its main beneficiaries are now girding for war in the Gulf, while others keep their distance…The US and British established the post-war settlement in the region. A major US policy goal has been to keep its incomparable energy resources, and enormous profits reaped, under the control of the US or dependable allies and clients. Britain viewed matters in a similar light…Iraq challenged Anglo-American privilege in 1958, when a nationalist military coup overthrew a dependent regime. There is, of course, an earlier history, including British terror bombing of civilians and the authorisation of "using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes" (including) Winston Churchill who was "strongly in favour of these measures".

The 1958 coup set off a wide range of reactions, including a US Marine landing in Lebanon and apparent authorisation of (the) use of nuclear weapons by President Eisenhower "to prevent any unfriendly forces from moving into Kuwait." 

Britain considered several options for Kuwait, the least harsh being a grant of nominal independence, but with acceptance of "the need, if things go wrong, ruthlessly to intervene, (with) whoever it is who has caused the trouble. (Britain's Foreign Secretary Selwyn) Lloyd stressed: "the complete United States solidarity with us over the Gulf," including the need "to take firm action to maintain our position in Kuwait" and the "similar resolution" of the US "in relations to the Aramco oilfields" in Saudi Arabia; the Americans "agreed that at all costs these oilfields (in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar) must be kept in Western hands…"

This special relationship between Britain and her former colony the United States is to a great extent the legacy of Cecil Rhodes, the gold and diamond king, funded by N.M.Rothschild, and founder of Rhodesia; who believed that only a world populated by white Anglo-Saxons would be civilised. It should come as no surprise to learn that Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar, the beneficiary of a scholarship, to Oxford, paid for by the trustees of Rhodes fortune – N.M.Rothschild. In Rhodes view of things there was and is no space for Africans, let alone, Afro-Saxons or, what George Bush refers to as – "the useless eaters".

We also know, from James Akins, the former American Ambassador to Saudi Arabia that in 1975 Henry Kissinger proposed the depopulation of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates "scarcely 2 million Arabs" to make way for Texas and Oklahoma Oilmen to run the oilfields as part of his strategy to solve America's economic problems. The same Kuwait that Sadam was encouraged - by American Ambassador April Glaspie - to invade knowing full well that the response was already a fully rehearsed under the pretext of "A BIG U.S. BUILDUP IN THE GULF" the headline on pages 10 and 11 in the July 14th edition of NEWSWEEK in 1980. Which set out, in detail, American plans to occupy the entire Gulf region in line with the Carter Doctrine. Plans which were fully rehearsed in July 1980 with Egyptian, Israeli and American forces. As the genocide continues through sanctions and the hundreds of tons of Depleted Uranium used in Basra and elsewhere in Iraq, and more recently in Serbia and Kosovo, it is increasingly important for all believers to wake up to the reality that: With virtually the entire American Administration run by forces sympathetic to the atheistic State of Israel, which is almost as hostile to the presence of Torah conscious Jews as it is to Qur'an conscious Muslims who, according to the authentic Hadith, at the time of Anti-Christ will be oppressed in Jerusalem and persecuted elsewhere in the Holy Land, demonstrates that we are indeed living in the time of Anti-Christ awaiting the return of the true Christ peace be upon him.

With 6,000 children dying every month in Iraq, and 7% of live births in Saudi Arabia showing foetal abnormalities, due to Depleted Uranium, with Gulf War Syndrome and increasing numbers of children being born to Gulf War Veterans in the US and UK – particularly in the Tank and Artillery Regiments also hideously deformed - some without eyes or mouths, some with no heads at all, it may well be that the Hadith carried in the first edition of Common Sense in February 1991, does include both sets of combatants: 

Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah said: The Last Hour shall not occur till the Euphrates will disclose a mountain of gold over which people will fight. 99 out of every 100 will be killed, and everyone of them will say: "Perchance I shall be the one to succeed."

As Allah warns them: "

And when it is said to them, make not mischief in the earth, they say: We are only peace makers. Indeed, they are the mischief makers, but they perceive it not." Surah 2: Verse 11.

In other words, as someone else pointed out today: 

"If God does not destroy America, Israel and her allies for what they have done. On the Day of Judgement the People of Lot will justifiably demand an apology"

Author: David Pidcock
Date Published: Spring 1999

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