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     American legislation recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel



Whilst the world is preoccupied with the aftermath of the tragedy at New York, and whilst the official line at the White House is that the "peace process" must continue, an obscure law is just being brought quietly before the Senate entitled "Department of State and Related Agency Appropriations Act, 2002". This Act contains articles requiring official government documents to identify Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and record Israel as the place of birth for people born in Jerusalem, thereby unilaterally changing Jerusalem's international status as accorded by the UN and preempting the outcome of any "peace talks". To do so at this time is an outrage and a clandestine attempt to stifle proper discussion, and we encourage all readers of this website to publicise this happening to try and stop an inclusion of these subversive articles in the final bill.

Islamic Party of Britain
Date: 28 Sept 2001

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