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     A Letter from the Leader




This letter was sent by Islamic Party Leader, David Musa Pidcock, to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph

Sir - Your leading article/editorial (13/4/02) in which you refer to Tom Paulin's "repulsive" opinions, would be valid if they were based on historical reality and the realisation that for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction, for those who live by the sword die by the sword. What is happening in Palestine is the direct result of Israel failing to honour the promises made by its founding fathers to the indigenous Arab population; who, like the Irish, can't forget what the English can't remember. The following extract is from a speech by Dr. Chaim Weizmann's to a Zionist Conference, at the Cannon Street Hotel, in London in 1919, where he stated: "We cannot go into the country like Junkers; we cannot afford to drive out other people. We who have been driven out ourselves cannot drive out others. We shall be the last people to drive the Fellah from his land; we shall establish normal relations between us and them. The Arabs will live amongst us; they won't suffer; they will live among us as Jews do here in England. That is our attitude towards the Arabs. Any other attitude is criminal, childish, impolitic, stupid..."

Weizmann would be in full agreement with Paulin's call to arm the Palestinians against Sharon's Junkers. He would also call on him to stop his Blitzkrieg which is: "Criminal, Childish, Impolitic, Stupid". However, the underlying problems stem from the Cabbalistically motivated Brooklyn Settlers, amongst the Gush Emunim movement, who are told (and believe it from the Talmud), that it is an act of worship to kill as many non Jews as possible. Goldstein's memorial for the Hebron massacre states: "He murdered to sanctify G-d". Furthermore, a New York Rabbinical Fatwa states that: "One Million Arabs are not equal to one Jewish fingernail". This rabid rabbi also encourages acts of genocide against fellow Jews from the Neturai Karta movement who oppose their "repulsive" racist acts against the legitimate inhabitants of the Holy Land under the bestial pretext that: "Tob scheb-goyyim harog" that even the best amongst the Goyim should be killed.

It is surely time to reject the mendacious and cowardly chorus of Mike the Whine, Neville Nagler, and the rest of the British Board of Deputies, whose honesty on such occasions, is best summed up in the words of Belsen survivor the late Professor Israel Shahak who said of their kind: "they issue deceitful denials in which the art of equivocation reaches its summit". As for the impartiality, in such matters, of Her Majesty's Government and Loyal Opposition; with Lord Levy in control of Labour's Middle East Policy and Stanley Kahns Conservative Party Treasurer, with Ian Duncan Smith a Duck Shooting partner of Dick Cheyney, is it clear that Lord Palmerston was correct when he stated that - "The British do not have permanent principles but rather permanent interests."

Author: David Pidcock
Date Published: June 2002

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