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Common Sense has been the medium through which we have presented real alternatives to the fallacies of capitalism and socialism. Common Sense has been greatly valued by all those who read copies of it, but we never managed to achieve a mainstream distribution. The printed version remained a fringe paper, and visitors to our website exceed by now the total number of readers. In the economics of scale, a small print-run will work out more expensive per copy than a large one, and the administrative task of keeping subscriptions up to date is taking up valuable resources.

Since our website (http://www.islamicparty.com ) has been completely renewed by a volunteer programmer, we have taken the decision to publish Common Sense online. Existing subscribers will still receive a printed copy, but for the majority of readers, they will be able to read the full contents of Common Sense (not just selected articles) online and download a copy (in PDF format) which they can print themselves. We believe that this will make the information more readily available.

Subscription will no longer be taken in the future, except on request by someone who does not have access to our website and does require us to print and mail out a copy of the magazine. As subscription fees replaced membership fees some years ago, the only income of the party will in future be through donations, and your generosity is hereby greatly encouraged.

Author: Sahib Mustaqim Bleher
Date Published: October 2000

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