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The Diary of Hans Frank or Anti-Semitism, Hitler and the Occult

It comes as no surprise to find the Islamic Party of Britain listed, however unjustifiably, among groups accused of anti-Semitism, by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and the American Jewish Committee based in London. To accuse any genuine Muslim of being anti-Semitic, regardless of his ethnic belonging, when the Qur'an directs us to love and emulate the deeds of all the Semitic prophets including Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses, David, John and Jesus - peace be upon them all - is as patently disingenuous as it is absurd  particularly when the president of this self-appointed body, the Lord Rothschild, is a 'false Israelite', a non-semitic Jew, as are most of those who champion this particularly rabid cause.

It is especially galling to be criticised by a body headed by a Rothschild, whose family history, since they arrived in this country, has been appalling, particularly that of Nathan in the last century and Victor, the previous Lord Rothschild in this, who was rightly dubbed by the Daily Express in October 1994 as 'Britain's great traitor', the notorious 'fifth man', the great communist super spy, from the 'Cambridge Apostles', an occult group which included Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean, Kim Philby, and Sir Anthony Blunt. The intellectual brotherhood known as the 'Apostles' was founded in 1820 by twelve Evangelical undergraduates at Cambridge. Anthony Blunt became a member in 1928, Victor Rothschild and Guy Burgess on November 12th, 1932. John Costello, in his 'The Mask of Treachery', says that John Maynard Keynes, a friend of Victor Rothschild and a former member of his Elite Secret Society, described the activities of the Apostles as 'the higher sodomy'.

After Marxist Socialism, the second most destructive cult this century, National Socialism, was born out of the Thule Society, headed by Dietrich Eckart, acknowledged as the spiritual founder of the Nazi Party, and listed by Adolf Hitler on the last page of Mein Kampf as among "the sixteen heroes who fell in the Munich Putsch", who "sacrificed themselves for us all... among them I want also to count that man, one of the best who devoted his life to the awakening to his, our people, in his writings and his thoughts and finally his deeds: Dietrich Eckart." 'Hitler's Table Talk', published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson in 1953, states that when seated under a picture of Eckart, in the senate canteen in 1941, Hitler is reported to have said: 

"It is a heartbreaking grief to me that Dietrich Eckart did not live to see the party's rise." 

In previous editions of Common Sense, we have touched upon the economic factors and the Western financiers who brought Herr Hitler to prominence, including the occultist Montagu Norman, the Nazi governor of the Bank of England. 

What, however, is less well known is the secret or occult dimension to the whole sordid enterprise. Conspicuous by its absence from all the arguments raised by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and the Zionist establishment is a constitutional ability to be honest and just when it comes to the part played by Jews, Semitic or otherwise, in the rise of Nazism and Bolshevism. From intelligence gathered from Jewish converts to Islam, it is well known by the Jewish establishment that the second architect of the Nazi movement was Alfred Rosenberg, of whom Trevor Ravenscroft, author of the 'Spear of Destiny' had this to say in chapter 7, 'The Anti-Christ of the Protocols':

"The key to the rise of fame of Alfred Rosenberg, born the son of an impoverished shoemaker, was in the possession of a secret manuscript which he smuggled out of Moscow. The promotion of this man, who rose to become the Reichsleiter of the Nazi Party and its official philosopher, came about because he presented Adolf Hitler with a blueprint to total power. 'The Protocols of the Wisemen of Zion' purported to be a record of the proceedings of the World Congress of Jewry held in Basel in 1897 at which, it was claimed, plans were laid and resolutions carried towards achieving world domination... Rosenberg, despite his Jewish antecedents, gained entry into the Thule Gesellschaft by showing the 'Protocols' to Dietrich." 

The possibility that Adolf Hitler, like Rosenberg, had a Jewish pedigree, promotes either stony silence, or incandescent denials. However, as the saying goes, there can't be smoke without fire? Ken Anderson in 'Hitler and the Occult' gives the following account: 

"Rumour and conjecture about Hitler's Jewishness dogged him from early in his rise to power.

A story in the United Kingdom's 'Daily Mirror' on 14 October 1933 helped greatly in fuelling the speculation. A journalist had found a grave in the jewish cemetery in Bucharest which was inscribed with Hebrew characters 'Adolf Hitler'. The Mirror alleged that the grave belonged to the grandfather of "Germany's anti-Semitic chancellor... the headstone and death certificate gave this (particular Jewish) Hitler's birth date as 1832, which would have made him only five years older than Adolf's father... However, the most compelling claim for Hitler's ancestry came eighteen months after his death in the Berlin bunker. Hans Frank, who had been Hitler's legal adviser and governor-general of Poland from 1939 to 1945, was facing the gallows at the Nuremberg trials and declared he did not want to leave behind any 'unatoned guilt' (he embraced Catholicism in prison). As part of his confession he wrote a document in which he said that towards the end of 1930 he had, at Hitler's request, made some confidential inquiries into a letter Hitler had received from a relative which he declared amounted to a 'disgusting piece of blackmail'. The letter declared that Hitler had 'Jewish blood in his veins!' Frank's enquiries elicited the information that Hitler's father was the illegitimate son of a woman by name of Maria Anna Schicklgruber from Leonding, near Linz (in Austria), who worked as a cook. When she gave birth to Alois she was in service with a Jewish family by the name of Frankenberger." 

Other accounts state that no Jew by the name of Frankenberger had ever lived in Austria during the 19th century. According to 'The Unknown Hitler' by Schwarzwaller, Maria Anna gave birth to Alois on June 7, 1837, in Strones, near Doellersheim, and when asked who the father was she refused to say. Another, and perhaps more likely, possibility is that offered by Major C.H. Douglas in his erudite analysis of the situation, which is one of the reasons why he still receives a hostile press. In 'The Big Idea', pages 50-51, he stated in 1942: 

"Had Germany won the 1914-1918 phase of the war, the United States would soon have been put in her place. As soon as it became evident that Germany had lost the first trick, and the Jews had won it by the dismemberment of Russia (in 1917) and the control of the Russian development along Talmudic lines, the whole weight of this group was directed to obtaining of the Armistice via the United States. The decline of the British Empire, and the rise of Hitlerian (Totalitarian) Germany is the direct result of this control... 

The link between the international Jew Financiers and such politicians as can be easily identified as having facilitated this plot (whether knowingly or because it is part of the equipment of a successful politician) is undoubtedly secret societies such as Grand Orient Freemasonry and the New york B'Nai B'rith. What is the bearing of English Freemasonry on the matter, I am not clear... What bearing, if any, on more recent events, the fairly well established fact that Hitler is the grandson of an illegitimate daughter of Baron Rothschild of Vienna has I do not know. But the naive idea that attention should be focused on the largely verbal 'anti-Semitism' of German, rather than the Talmudic Jew policy and philosophy [courtesy of Rosenberg and the Protocols] which has been steadily pursued equally by Hitler as by the Kaiser with his entourage of Ballin, Rathenau, Bleichroeder and many others, ought by now be untenable." 

The joint signatures of Max Warburg and Adolf Hitler on a money document dated March 16th, 1933, sheds a lot more light on the role of the usurers and their wars. Can there be any further doubt that we are living in the days of the Anti-Christ of the protocols?

Author: Islamic Party of Britain
Date Published: Spring 1995


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