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     A New World Sufi Order?



Whenever there seems to be a new surge in influx to Islam from within the traditionally non- Muslim societies, certain "Sufi"-Orders become more visibly engaged in attracting new converts to neutralise them and debar them from having any political or social impact on mainstream society. This is what happened during the late 70's/early 80's, and the same phenomenon is, not coincidentally, repeated currently. In those days a certain former film-star-magician with dubious background took an Eastern English town by storm as self-declared Sheikh, later abandoning Sufism, only to reclaim it again, to eventually disappear into semi-oblivion in Spain, when after having correctly attacked usury and masonic conspiracies he had subsequently led his followers to establish a quasi-masonic elitist "world" movement and advise a return to the gold standard by way of solution, which would obviously mean selling out to those who already control our financial system. Whilst he tries hopelessly to make a come-back in Britain, it is a Cypriotic variety of modern "Sufism" which now attracts most followers in many countries of Europe, including a disproportionate number of converts from Judaism. 

It has now emerged that these activities fit within a wider One World Program, orchestrated by the UN, of which many other "religious" groups, particularly those engaged in "inter-faith dialogue", like the Brahma Kumaris, are a part. Sheikh Nazim Adil El-Qubrusi, successor of the late Damascus-based Naqshibandi Sufi Sheikh Abdullah Ed-Dagistani, claims to hold a special position: 

"As for anyone who is related to Mawlana Sheikh Nazim as a mureed (disciple), the Angel of Death, Izrail, will have nothing to do with him. The soul of this mureed at the time of his death will be taken by Mawlana Sheikh Nazim. He shall look at the mureed and immediately the soul of that mureed will leave his body. There is nothing for the Angel of Death or for the Angels of the grave to do with the mureeds of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim. ... This is because it has been so ordered and it is by the Divine Power of Allah Almighty which has been given to him that Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is so empowered. This is specially for Mawlana Sheikh Nazim." 

His mission is aimed at those in the West: 

"I have been ordered by Allah and by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, to gather all the lights that are now coming from Western and European countries and to return them to their origin. Any European or Westerner or anyone else making Bayyah (pledge of allegiance) will not leave this Dunya (worldly life) except as an Awliya (God's friend) and he shall reach to the highest stations which Allah Almighty offers to His beloved servants ... the light of one who makes Bayyah with me ... shall be so bright and powerful that even the sun will appear dark besides their light. I shall make their light brighter and more powerful than the sun. They shall shine in every place, all over the universe and all over paradise." 

Research by James Carlton-Browne reveals, however, that his special status has more to do with more profane powers than with the power of God. In the late 1950's the world's press turned the spotlight on a sensational new cult - Subud, led by the Indonesian teacher Bapak Muhammad Subuh. Prior to this, the former military intelligence officer J. G. Bennett had paid a mysterious visit to Sheikh Abdullah Ed-Dagistani in Damascus, Sheikh Nazim's predecessor. He had been introduced by the North London Jewish Sufi-convert Hussein Rofe. Bennett was given an enigmatic message relating to the coming to his home in the West of 'a Messenger from God'. Shortly after returning to his home in Coombe Springs, England, Bennett, who had previously heralded the teaching system of the controversial Guru G. I. Gurdjieff, played host to the coming of the Subud - and Subuh - to the West. According to Bennett, Abdullah Ed-Dagistani's above mentioned prophecy had been fulfilled with the arrival of Pak Subuh and, as God had always sent messengers to save people from great wickedness, He had done so again in the modern age. At the time of Subuh's death several years ago, the chairman of the World Subud Council was Varindra Tarzie Vittachi. In 1973, he had been appointed director of the U.N. World Population Year, after which he became director of information on public affairs for the U.N. Population Fund (1974-79). From 1980, until his retirement, he was deputy executive director of UNICEF, the U.N. Children's Fund. When asked as to its purpose, Muhammad Subuh himself had said: 

"What is the purpose of spreading Subud? Well, primarily... it concerns the work people have come to call the... United Nations." 

Not long after encountering Subud, Bennett personally convinced himself that the English-born occultist Alice Bailey had been aware of the coming of Subud. He believed that the strange figure described in her work "The Reappearance of Christ" as the "Avatar of Synthesis" must refer to Subud. Mrs. Bailey spoke of the Spiritual Executives of God's plan for the human race who oversee planetary affairs. This hierarchy of Masters of the Wisdom of the Great White Lodge provided those who act as Messengers of God. The Avatar of Synthesis was said to be a particularly close Associate of Christ. This Being's field of activities was said to include the Assembly of the United Nations. It is understood that Bennett himself was once offered a job by the UN in New York to help out with the Turkish coal industry. Alice Bailey based her work on the decidedly shaky foundations laid by the notorious 19th-century occult charlatan Madame H. P. Blavatsky who claimed to be working for certain esoteric Masters of Wisdom said to reside in Tibet. When confronted with the alleged forgery of key so-called Mahatma letters, she replied: 

"What is one to do... when, in order to rule men, you must deceive them, when in order to catch them and make them pursue whatever it may be, it is necessary to promise and show them toys." 

Mrs. Bailey claimed to channel the telepathically transmitted works dictated by the Tibetan Djwhal Khull said to be a cohort of Blavatsky's hidden teachers. Today, the Alice Bailey organisation fosters many activities. Lucis Trust, which is connected with the Bailey work, is a non-profit, tax-exempt educational corporation, and supporters have received a "meditation" on attracting money for hierarchical purposes. The Bailey-based movement's stated objectives also include support for the work of the U.N. and its specialised agencies.

The "Centre where the Will of God is known", for example, is linked with the formation of the UN. The organisation's "World Goodwill" activity is an accredited non-governmental organisation with the UN in New York and Geneva. It is said to have had associated individuals and groups in at least 42 countries. World Goodwill circulars incorporate a UN Report and much information relating to the UN - and the Reappearance of the Christ is publicised by the organisation. World Goodwill is recognised by the Office of Public Information at the United Nations and is represented at regular briefing sessions at the UN in both New York and Geneva. The Lucis Trust was founded in 1922, the Arcane School in the following year, and Triangles, which is said to have units and groups in 15 countries, began in 1937. A Lucis magazine, The Beacon, went out to 80 nations. Books issued under Mrs. Bailey's name include "Letters on Occult-Meditation", "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", and "A Treatise on White Magic". The Bailey work in England is continued at Suite 549, 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EF. In America it has been issued from United Nations Plaza, New York. The English headquarters of the United Nations Association is also situated at 3 Whitehall Court. It is one thing for the UN to put out One World internationalist propaganda. But it is quite another matter for similar propaganda to be issued from the same building by an organisation which is blatantly occult and based on "magic". 

Such a state of affairs can only lead to mass delusion on the part of the Bailey organisation's followers and possibly even to mental illness. Detailed scrutiny needs to be given to several "New Age" orders and spiritual movements which are only too happy to explicitly link themselves with the UN One World outlook - often presented via the medium of the Masters of the Wisdom. Perhaps the real-life Masters of the Wisdom in the UN-related Council on Foreign Relations and leading officials in the Hierarchy at United Nations Headquarters could publicly disassociate themselves from such phenomena? Government ministers and MPs in this country should certainly be urged to investigate the links between occult and New Age groups and the UN propaganda machine.

Author: Islamic Party of Britain
Date Published: Autumn 1993

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