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Muslim swimwear - full body swimming costumes

Swimming is a both enjoyable and most healthy sport highly recommended in Islam, yet in non-Muslim environments Muslim women are usually barred from this activity due to the lack of single-sex provision at beaches or swimming pools. Even where "women only" swimming sessions are being held, the life guard on duty will often be male and the pool will not be fully screened from the eyes of the public. With the new range of Muslim swimwear from Mustaqim Ltd., Muslim women - or women generally who for health or other reasons want to cover up - can now take the plunge: our full body swimsuits cover the whole body as mandated by Islam whilst the fabric's unique properties mean that it does not hinder movement in the water nor cling to the body when wet. We initially intended to import full body swimsuits manufactured by others but found them unsuitable for serious swimming. There is the Burkini from Australia, for example, which was described on the Guardian's Islamophonic podcast as providing an experience like "swimming in a sleeping bag". Another manufacturer is Hasema from Turkey who offers fashionable designs which look good as beach wear or on the pool side but turn out less practical in the water.

Mustaqim swimsuits are made up of two components, a one-piece full body swimming costume in a stretchable material and a separate pinafore to hide the contours of the body. Heel straps (like stirrups) have been integrated to prevent the material from slipping around the legs as found suits without heel straps. The bust area is padded but does not feature poking straps or buckles as found in other makes. The pinafore is of a straight design without frills and zips to get in the way. We are not including a head scarf with the costume: sizes frequently don't match and the tube like headscarf supplied by competitors can easily be washed back by the water. We recommend to tie a cotton scarf or wear a swimming cap (or both).

Our swimming costume is for people who actually want to swim. Serious swimmers don't want to stand out like a peacock and draw attention. They don't want to pose by the pool side. Therefore, we are not offering a range of fancy colours and patterns, but an unobtrusive black and dark blue combination. And what is more, our full body swimsuits are the cheapest on the market. Swimming should be a sport every woman can pursue, not a privilege.                                                Download promotional flyer [pdf format]

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